Diethystilbestrol (DES)


Diethystilbestrol, or DES, has been linked to many reproductive and other health problems in the offspring of mothers who took it.In the 1950's and 1960's. Diethystilbestrol or DES manufactured by a number of manufacturers, among them Eli Lilly, promoted this cancer producing drug for use by pregnant women to prevent spontaneous miscarriages. As it turned out, however, the drug produced cancer and other injuries to the reproductive tracts of the offspring exposed in utero. As the exposed offspring reached adulthood, vaginal cancers requiring. Aggressive surgical intervention was found and resulted in lawsuits on their behalves throughout the country. Other women developed reproductive tract anomalies including t-shaped uteri and incompetent cervices, resulting in miscarriage, infertility and other problems.

Now it has been discovered that these exposed offspring and their mothers may be at risk for breast cancer as well.

For over twenty years, Roberta Ashkin has been at the forefront of this litigation, representing a number of the most seriously injured DES victims in the country. If you were exposed in utero to DES or took it during your pregnancy and have developed any of the above diagnoses, please be sure to report this history to your physician and consult with us to investigate your potential legal claim.



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