Levaquin is an antibiotic that is manufactured by the Ortho-McNeil company which is a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. This medication is used to prevent bacteria from reproducing and causing infections.

Levaquin is part of a group of antibiotics known as fluoroquinolones. One of the major side effects that has resulted from the use of Levaquin, as well as another major antibiotic, Cipro, has to do with ruptured tendons.

Ruptured Achilles tendons as well as ruptures in the tendons of the shoulders and hands have been attributed to the use of Levaquin. Because there have been no warnings alerting patients of the potential dangers associated with these antibiotics, a consumer advocacy group filed a lawsuit in January of 2008. They were moved into action because of the FDA's failure to require the makers of these antibiotics to include warning labels on their products. More specifically, the called for information about the risk of tendon ruptures from using Levaquin.

By July 2008, the Food and Drug Administration required makers of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics to include the most serious of FDA warnings, the black box warning on all of their packaging labels. The prominent label had to alert users of the risk of tendon rupture and tendonitis.

In addition to the black box warning, the FDA required the companies to include a Medication Guide that explained in detail about the risks involved and urged users to contact their doctors in the event they contracted a ruptured tendon.

There are a number of individual as well as class action suits against Levaquin being filed every day as a result of the company's failure to provide adequate warning prior to using these antibiotics.

While ruptured tendons are not a life threatening situation, they are indeed a serious and painful side effect that you shouldn't have to suffer from just to treat a bacterial infection. The pain and discomfort associated with ruptured tendons can actually escalate to the point where the patient has trouble of can't walk, especially when it affects the Achilles tendons.

If you, someone in your family or anyone you know has used the fluoroquinolones antibiotic Levaquin or even Cipro, and suffered from ruptured tendons or a ruptured Achilles tendon as a result of using either of these medications please contact us here at Ashkin Law Firm. We will provide you with information to help you determine the best avenue to take in seeking compensation for your suffering.



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