Premises Liability


Property owners including private and commercial owners, are generally required under the law to maintain their properties in a safe and secure manner for those who frequent, are invited into, or are otherwise appropriately on the property site. Failing to maintain the property site in a legally safe and secure manner may create a legal responsibility to those who are injured on these premises as a direct result of such failures.

Property owners can be held liable in premises liability cases if injuries result from negligence.Persons injured resulting from falls on defective floors, stairs and other conditions are among the myriad reasons which may result in a legally compensable claim. Exposure to toxic substances resulting in injury, such as lead paint and pesticides may also create a legal obligation.

Another frequent and serious violation of owner related negligence is the failure to implement and maintain security devices in the building to insure against untoward intruders who may assault, victimize and rape those legally upon the site.

Each of these areas of negligence are dictated by stringent time periods under the law- so if there has been such an incident experienced by you or a family member, immediate legal consultation is imperative. The Ashkin Law Firm individually addresses these claims and insures the privacy, compassion and aggressive legal attention these very special cases require.



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