Zyprexa (Olanzapine) is an antipsychotic drug first approved in 1996 to treat schizophrenia and bi-polar disease. Unfortunately, the drug has now been closely associated with troubling and serious side effects including tardive dyskinesia, and diabetes mellitus or adult onset diabetes.

Schizophrenia drug Zyprexa causes diabetes and other blood sugar disorders.Due to intense drug marketing, the drug became a blockbuster for its manufacturer, Eli Lilly & Co.. As the popularity of Zyprexa grew, doctors began prescribing it for eating disorders, childhood aggression problems, Alzheimer ‘s disease and other forms of dementia, as well as depression. And as the drug earned its manufacturer billions of dollars in profits, safety concerns about the drug continued to mount. In 2000 the Australian government issued a Zyprexa warning after over three hundred patients were reported to have suffered from adverse side effects. In 2001, a Zyprexa warning was published in the American Medical Association journal stating that Zyprexa patients were ten times more likely to develop diabetes than the general population. And by 2002, both the British and Japanese governments issued Zyprexa warnings concerning the risk of diabetes. Throughout this period, the FDA remained silent, and Lilly continued to market the drug as safe.

Following a report by Duke University in 2002 showing a high incidence of diabetes in Zyprexa patients, the FDA ordered Lilly to include a stronger warning on its product label. The label was changed to include a warning about the risk of diabetes, but Lilly continued to deny that the risks of Zyprexa use outweighed the intended benefits.

In 2006, according to internal Lilly documents, it was discovered that the company had, over a 10 year period, taken steps to downplay the serious risks of its best-selling drug. The American Diabetes Association maintains that the drug is more likely to pose a risk of diabetes than any other popular schizophrenia medication. Nearly two million people around the globe have used Zyprexa since it was first introduced.

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